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Beautiful design wallpaper from the collection Aqua Art by June Pure. Each design is available in two different background colors: a light and a dark background color. You can choose from two types of wallpaper.
Both types of wallpaper are completely free of PVC.


  • ProVlies Mat wallpaper which come in strips of 53 cm wide. This one has
    a matte appearance with a flat structure.

  • WalltexPro seamless wallpaper with a maximum size of 12m wide x 3m high in one piece. This one has a natural textile look. 


Each design from Aqua Art is available in 3 different sizes to ensure that there is as little waste as possible and the design is not lost.

You can choose from the following sizes:

  • 4.77m wide x 3m high

  • 4.24m wide x 2.8m high

  • 4.24m wide x 2.65m high

Choose the desired design and then the height that suits you best.

This way you can maximize the design without much loss of material. 

The prices listed below are from € 270, -

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