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Hi Hi! My name is Judith Middelkoop and I am a passionate designer with a love for graphic shapes, color and textiles. Welcome to my website, where I proudly present my unique interior designs, including beautiful wallpaper and a tapestry.


As a young girl I was always creative. I made new dresses for my barbie dolls and I crocheted and knitted my own tops and sweaters. I was born with the traditional craftsmanship, because my grandfather used to be a tailor. That passion for creation and craftsmanship has always inspired and motivated me.


My interest in the graphic profession arose when I did an internship at a printing company during my 'Fashion and Clothing' course. I vividly remember the first day when my colleague showed me a poster of a clown and explained that it was printed with only 4 colours. I was very surprised and fascinated. From that moment on I was drawn to the graphic profession and found my calling.

Over the past 25 years I have gained valuable technical experience and further developed my passion for graphic design. I have had the honor of working for several renowned advertising agencies and as an independent entrepreneur I have been able to help countless companies with my expertise.


Now it's time for an exciting new step in my career. With June Pure's Conscious Life I can shape my own vision and determine what June Pure stands for. It's a great opportunity to combine my passion for design with my love for high-quality materials and sustainability.


The wool with which the tapestry is woven is produced according to the strict standards of The Global Organic Textile Standard. The G.O.T.S label is an international label for organic textiles. 

The wallpaper I have selected is PVC free and is printed with UV print and water based eco inks. In addition, the wallpaper is FSC certified, which means that June Pure contributes to a responsible way of doing business.


My mission is to create a pleasant living environment with my unique designs, in which sustainability plays an important role. I want to contribute to a nicer, nicer and healthier living environment and have a positive impact on our environment.
With my designs I want to inspire people to make more conscious choices in their living environment and to create more awareness about our environment and materials.


At June Pure we have core values that set us apart: natural, local, sophistication, quality and fun. We are committed to using natural materials, supporting local communities and artisans, pursuing sophisticated aesthetics and timeless beauty, ensuring high-quality products that last, and aiming to bring fun and joy to our designs.


I invite you to take a look at the June Pure shop and discover how my designs can contribute to a pleasant and sustainable living environment.




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