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Thank you so much for sharing your email with us! I'd like to be one of the first to know about an exclusive offer now that my brand new website, June Pure, is live!

I worked with great passion and pleasure on my very first Aqua Art collection. This collection offers a beautiful wool tapestry and 12 wallpaper designs that will really enrich your interior.

At June Pure we believe in creating a personal interior that reflects your identity. Of course there are trends, but it is important to stay true to yourself and choose an interior that suits you. Don't just be guided by the trends, but follow your own taste and feeling. Dare to be yourself and let go of trends, and discover what your own style is.

With these unique designs you can distinguish yourself and create a personal interior. Colour, shape and designs play an essential role in this. By following your own path and applying your personal touch, you create an interior that really suits you.

As a thank you for your support and as a special welcome gift, you can now download a high-res artwork for free to give your interior a personal touch.

This artwork is perfect for framing or using as a screensaver for your computer or mobile phone. It is a unique piece that will add a touch of beauty to your daily life. How nice is that!

Download artwork

  • Click the button below

  • The artwork will be downloaded in a .zip file

  • Double click on this file to 'unzip' the artwork

Again, I really appreciate you being a part of my special journey. I hope that June Pure will inspire you to follow your own path and create an interior that you love and can be yourself in.



Judith Middelkoop


P.S. Do you have friends or relatives who are also interested in creating a personal interior? Feel free to share my website [] with them, so that they too can discover how they can design their own unique interior.

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