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How do you measure a wall for wallpaper?

Do you already have an idea which wallpaper design you want on your wall?

Now it’s time to measure your wall so that you can order the wallpaper in the right size. This is an essential step!

Both you and I want to make sure the design fits perfectly on your wall. Not only in terms of dimensions, but also that the images come into their own. June Pure can adapt the design to your wall. I make sure that the design is well established. So if you have a sloping wall, a window, a heater that you have to work around, or if you want to place a bed or cupboard against the wall, you can indicate that and I will keep the design.

Measuring a straight wall

Measuring is knowing! Your wall may be crooked. However, it is important to measure carefully. Therefore, it is advisable to measure in several places.

Measure the width

Use a tape measure or tape measure to measure the width of the wall as shown in the example below. Measure up to any baseboards, so you don’t have a shortage of wallpaper later. It is best to take the measurement at both the top and bottom of the wall. That way you can be sure that you order enough wallpaper, even if the wall is not completely straight.

Measuring the height

To measure the height of the wall, it is best to measure in three diffe rent places: left, right and in the middle. Also refer to the image be low. In this way you prevent that you are short of wallpaper in height if the wall is not completely straight. Always measure including any skirting boards. The excess wallpaper can be easily cut off with a knife after the wallpaper has been applied to the wall.

Additional margin

Walls can always be crooked, especially with old houses. To ensure that you have enough wallpaper, I recommend adding 5 cm on all si des to the measured sizes.

Walls with doors and windows

If you want to wallpaper a wall with a door or window, measure the entire wall. When applying the strips, use a knife to cut off the wallpa per around the window or door.

Measuring a wall with a window for custom wallpaper

If you want to order custom wallpaper and you have a window in your wall, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the full length of the wall and add 5 cm.

  2. Measure the full width of the wall and add 5 cm.

  3. Measure from the bottom of your window to the bottom of the wall and from the top of your window to the top of the wall.

  4. Measure from the side of your window to the side of the wall on both sides.

  5. Draw the wall with the window and fill in the dimensions: the total height and width of the wall, and all distances to the window.

  6. As soon as you have noted and drawn all the measurements, take a pho to of this and send it to:

This way I can ensure that the wallpaper is perfectly tailored to your wall, including the window. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to help you!

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